The label BARZ designs puristic pieces of jewellery, in which global Zeitgeist, European aesthetics and Asian handicraft are merging together.

Recycled silver and high-quality gemstones are combined to create exceptional rings for women and men under fair manufacturing conditions in the Indian city of Jaipur. They draw their inspiration from different cultures, human relationships and existential experiences. In regard to the longing for meaning and depth in times of fast pace, abundance, commercial unification and the loss of identification, BARZ opposes a tangible confrontation with the original, with nature, symbolism and tradition.

Founder, designer and namesake Stefanie Barz visited the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam and finished her studies at the School of Art Weißensee in Berlin. During stays abroad in London and New York, she worked, amongst others, with the internationally acclaimed fashion label Anna Sui. Today, Barz lives in her hometown Berlin, where she founded the fashion designer network for sustainability ‘’ and is also involved with the development of certification programmes. Besides her activity as a jewellery designer, she creates individual costumes for film, music and theatre. Next to a sustainable approach towards creative processes, the expression of personality always plays an important part in her work.

BARZ aims for a fusion of ring and wearer, which comes along with conscious selection and great appreciation. One of our objectives in the long term is to establish more sustainable procurement and production processes, which have hardly been supported by the industry until now. Find out more about the ethics of BARZ here.