Our ring ‘Shakti’ shows clarity and depth at the same time within the presence of its shape, which is further expressed through the structured surface of the gemstone. It is a guaranteed eye-catcher, yet elegant companion in everyday life as well as for special occasions.

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This Labradorite is a bluish plagioclase feldspar and appears in a lively shimmering play of colour, which is only revealed in the reflection of light.

Occurrence: Canada, Finland, Norway, former USSR

Effect: Balances blood circulation and heart rhythm, lowers blood pressure, activates muscles and kidneys, improves skeletal pain, cold sensitivity, diseases of the respiratory tract, of the throat, eyes and heart. It helps with allergic, flammable, scaly skin changes, with rheumatism and gout.
On the mental level, it works against fears, mistrust, emotional coldness, stimulates introspection, mediality, creativity and fantasy, helps to resolve karmic stresses and illusions, allows deep feelings as well as deep sleep with memorable dreams.


Sanskrit ‘Shakti’ – शक्ति – in the spiritual context stands for the cosmic energy, the female elemental force of the universe, for the healing and dynamic power of the self. Shakti is the name of the Divine Mother, of the whole world and all its appearances – as an earthly manifestation and embodiment of Shiva, the male principle, the highest infinite consciousness.


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