Our ring ‘Utsaha’ is the even more powerful version of ‘Ojas’ from the ‘Vigour’ line. Its dynamic-angular shape literally bursts with concentrated energy. This sublime beauty also manifests itself in the multi-faceted colour play of the tiger’s eye, which seems to pursue us with a challenging gaze, in movement.

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Tiger’s eyes are a microcrystalline, black and golden brown to yellow striped variant of a mineral quartz. Its silky shimmer originates in the smooth finish and is particularly evident in movement – also called chatoyance or cat’s eye effect.

Occurrence: South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Australia, USA.

Effect: At the physical level, the stone relieves joint and bone pain, helps with tendonitis, asthma, stomach and headaches, overstrained nerves and disturbed body motor functions, regulates blood sugar levels and strengthens the digestion and bowel function.
Mentally, the tiger’s eye supports to take right decisions, to pay close attention, to intuitively understand and to recognise potential emotional disturbances at an early stage. It awakens the ‘inner sun’, reduces discouragement, mood swings, stress, confusion and doubts.


‘Utsaha’ from Sanskrit – उत्साह – stands for strength, willpower, eagerness, enthusiasm, endurance and physical energy and is considered a virtue on the spiritual path of yoga. Utsaha is essential to all thoughts and actions with good intentions and purpose. It results in joy and enthusiasm, which arise in the gradual achievement of the respective goal. In doing so, Utsaha has to be reactivated over time in order to get closer to the highest level of self-realisation.


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Tiger's Eye

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Recycled Silver